A really warm welcome on this page of the cottage “The Lepelaar”.

This bungalow is situated in the “Fonteinbos” (Fountainforest) in Oudemirdum

in the county Gaasterland, which is a part of the province of Friesland.

 Gaasterland is the the part which contains the most forests of this province

thar is so well known for its lakes and watertourism.

And of course the IJsselmeer (former Southernsea) is only about 2 km. away.

The Lepelaar (for 6 persons) is perfect for people who prefer forest,

water and quitness.

 The Fonteinbos is a small park of 50 cottages, all “dropped” in the forest. The pieces of ground of each cottage are separated by different bushes and plants.

 The Lepelaar is locatated in the back of the park, where only a few cars are passing

(max. Speed is 10 km.). Therefore it is safe for our young guests and for them a few playgrounds are created. One is even almost opposite our bungalow.

 Inside there is a large basket with toys for them and even for the dog there is a large sleeping-carpet and a blanket for on the couch (because we know how dogs are). There are also bowls for food and water and somwhere there is certainly a ball.

 The Lepelaar is close to an opening in the fence towards the forest, so you don’t have to put your dog on the line before you are starting your walk, because in the forest they can run around freely (as well as you of course).

 Please look around on this site and we’ll give you a warm welcome in our house, which we are very proud of.